Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Digital Ads are an incredibly useful section of digital marketing. Specifically, it is the utilization of advertising platforms on search engines as well as social media websites. Digital Ads can produce very lucrative returns if done correctly. However, if done incorrectly it can quickly burn through your ads budget with little to no return! 

At first Digital Advertising can sound pretty daunting, but with over 4 billion social media users worldwide and more than 3.5 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) searches on Google each day alone it is a tool that is becoming difficult to ignore. Fortunately, with a bit of help or even some thorough research, it is a tool that is readily available and safe to use for all! That is why we offer affordable advertising programs for each of the major social media platforms as well as popular search engines. 

Below you will find a short summary on each of the websites we deal with and how their advertising platforms work.

Facebook Ads are without a doubt one of the most powerful tools you can use in Social Media Advertising. With over 1 billion active users daily, and 500 thousand new sign ups every day Facebook is an absolute social media power house. 

Their advertising platform allows you to create targeted ad campaigns based on:

  • Age, gender, education, workplace, relationship, language, and location.
  • The interest people have shown in specific pages and/or groups.
  • Retargeting people who have engaged with one of your ads or views your website
  • And SO much more.
A laptop displaying the Facebook Ads platform.
A laptop showing search engine analytics.

Google Ads is likely the most popular Digital Advertising platform out there for a number of reasons:

  • The campaigns are relatively easy to set up and maintain.
  • They can be relatively cheap and consistently provide profitable returns.
  • 3.5 billion people are searching with Google every day and Google Ads are a simple way to put your company name at the top of those search results.

Certainly, Google Ads can be a great way to get your business noticed without breaking the bank. However, If not set up and maintained properly with the correct keywords and strategies in place they will not accomplish much more than drain your advertising budget.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is actually a division of Facebook ads. They share the same targeting options. However, Instagram does have a few benefits:

  • Increased Engagement.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Hugely popular with millenials.
  • Option to advertise for free.

Of course, Instagram Ads do have their difficulties as well. Instagram is a very fast paced platform with people only viewing each picture for a matter of seconds. The key is to have eye-catching content in your ads that grab the attention of your potential customers and keep them focused on it.

Digital Ads

The simple way to get out there without actually “getting out there.”

Questions about whether digital ads might be a good fit for your company?